Natures Flavors Certified Organic Fragrance Oils are perfect for adding a pleasant fragrance to your certified organic products! Based in organic sunflower oil, these highly concentrated organic scented oils will produce a delightful aroma for your candles, soaps, lotions, and any number of oil-based products.

In our forty years of crafting the finest fragrance oils, we’ve developed natural organic fragrance oils for skin and more that come in oil-soluble and water-soluble versions. Use our organic fragrance oils for soap, and they can be added to household cleaners and air fresheners. The organic candle fragrance oils give off enjoyable scents and will make your home smell wonderful. Try our innovative organic fragrance oils in the following scents: bayberry, brown sugar coffee, coconut lime, Hawaiian bouquet, lemon sugar, pumpkin, spearmint, and more. For other options of fragrance oils to use with your diffuser, see our entire library of fragrances & essential oils.

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